Cecilia R.
I was so excited to hear this lovely family was planning to open a restaurant. The food is delicious!!! I was born and raise in Lima, Peru and I'm always looking for a Peruvian spot that serve my favorite dishes. I'm so glad Chicha is now an option to get my Peruvian fix. I highly recommend them.
Alexandra A.
WONDERFUL service. The owner and chef are very friendly and the food delicious! We are Peruvian and wholeheartedly recommend this restaurant. New hours! Now open at 9AM on weekends for a traditional desayuno criollo. You will not be disappointed!
Jose V.
The The food is excellent and so are the desserts! Lomo Saltado was . The owners are really friendly and caring. I Recommend it! The only feedback - the chicha seemed prepackaged.
Eric R.
Are you in the mood for a different taste sensation, very delicious, that will take your taste buds WAY south of the border, WAY south of Mexico? Have you ever enjoyed authentic Peruvian cuisine, prepared by natives, who grew up in Lima, the capitol city of Peru? Chicha Peruvian Kitchen and Cafe is the newest Peruvian restaurant in Roseville, and this is an amazing restaurant! Chicha is one of the newer restaurants in Roseville, after opening their doors a couple months ago, on October 15th. As you enter the dining room, you'll be greeted by a friendly staff member who will seat you, and give you a menu. You'll feel comfortable in the inviting dining room, as it's large, very clean, with plenty of space between the tables. The decor is pleasant, with a few photos on the wall, and little of Peru here and there. At the rear of the dining room there is a desert case, along with a counter, which in previous days served as a buffet counter. The dining room features polished wood floors, pastel painted walls, and the matching furniture is all tables and chairs, as there are no booths. The atmosphere is very modern and inviting. From the "Lunch Menu," I went with "Pollo Saltado," and I went with an appetizer of "Corn Aguadito." Rolls and garlic butter are served with every lunch selection. My appetizer arrived in a medium bowl - about eight ounces - of what the menu describes as a "Lunch-Sized Appetizer." Today was my first time EVER to enjoy "Corn Aguadito" and was I ever in for a surprise, as this soup was simply amazing! Actually, the soup was more like a chowder, as the base was a thick, rich green, which resembled split pea soup. Added to this amazing base of chowder was kernels of fresh corn, diced red bell pepper, chopped green onion, along with diced cilantro. "Corn Aguadito" was not like anything that I've enjoyed before, and a new taste adventure! Simply saying, the soup reminded me of meatless split pea soup, with corn, bell pepper, green onion, and exotic seasoning, for a wonderful, new taste. Such a great bowl of soup! My lunch entree of "Pollo Saltado" arrived next. The menu describes it as, "Stir-fried chicken with onion, tomato, cilantro and soy sauce, served with French fries and garlic rice." The menu advertises the chicken as stir fried, but it seemed grilled to me, as it had a nice "coating' on the outside, and was tender and juicy inside. The chicken was marinated in soy sauce - Asian fusion - lightly seasoned, sprinkled with fresh cilantro and was bursting with flavor with every bite. "Stir fry" brings up the connotation of shredded or chopped chicken, which wasn't the case, as each piece of chicken was bite sized. Along with the chicken were strips of onion and tomato, which seemed to be grilled, rather than stir-fried. The chicken, along with the veggies were placed on a bed of French fries, drizzled with soy sauce, and sprinkled with diced, fresh cilantro. The menu states "Garlic Rice," but my lunch arrived with a large scoop of steamed rice. The marinated chicken was juicy, tender and very flavorful and worked well together with the grilled - stir fried? - onion, tomato and cilantro. Each bite was simply amazing! The rice was great with the soy sauce, and to enjoy with bits of the chicken and veggies. As you know, Peru is located in South America, and is a "Latin American" country, but Peruvian cuisine is a fusion of Asian, and European, which is in stark contrast to Mexican cuisine, which many people think of when it comes to dining south of the border. The cuisine of Peru is simply amazing, and the knowledge, expertise and loving care the staff at Chicha Peruvian Kitchen put into their food shows... and everything combines to make for a great dining experience! After enjoying my amazing lunch, the owners of the restaurant - who are also the chefs - came out of the kitchen to greet me. The owners are a couple who grew up in Lima, Peru, and have extensive culinary experience, as they owned and operated several restaurants in Lima before migrating to the greater Sacramento area, to be with family who live in the area. The owners are nice people and are very friendly, and welcomed me to their fine restaurant. The cuisine is delicious and is authentic Peruvian, lovingly and skillfully prepared for a Peruvian taste sensation. You'll love the food, along with the fast, friendly service, and the comfortable dining. For a true South American taste adventure, plan your next visit to Chicha Peruvian Kitchen and Cafe, located on Sunrise Ave., in Roseville, CA.
John T.
Great place to eat some fantastic peruvian food. This is a family run place where you can feel the hospitality. I have been there a couple times and never disappointed.
Eduardo P.
Great to have a good Peruvian Restaurant in this area. I had a great dining experience with my family recently. Congratulations, keep it up!
Diana N.
Best Peruvian restaurant in the area by far. I've moved from Bay Area to Roseville in 2018 and have been looking for a go to Peruvian place. Most in the area do not have the special kick of Peruvian taste. My husband and I went for lunch after a friend recommended it to us. My husband ordered Seco de Pollo, the chicken was very tender, and the cilantro based sauce was absolutely delicious. I had the arroz chaufa with chicken, similar to a fried rice but very unique taste that was also delicious! The restaurant itself was very clean, when first coming in the outside was okay but once you open the doors it has a completely different atmosphere. We were quickly sat down by the host who explained the menu. The food came out quickly. Lastly the owners are amazing as we were leaving one of the owners came to greet us. She was very friendly, and can tell she has put a lot of heart into her restaurant. Highly recommend this new Peruvian restaurant.